Monday, February 24, 2003

Be more pithy? You got it

Why is it the shittier the day the busier the library?

Have you ever noticed that all brands of green tea pretty much taste the same?

Do you think the semi-professional blog world would take me more seriously if I had my own domain name? Would that attract more fans? If I got more fans I could start posting my Amazon wish list. Although the potential of a 35 year old librarian to attract a gift giving public is probably limited to his mother. Oh, to be a 19 year old girl again.

People always ask me what is the first sign of spring in the Carolina Piedmont. To me it's that first spring race NASCAR holds at Rockingham. The race just took place this last weekend and, except for a few cold snaps, the temperature is going to float above fifty from now on and the sky will spend a lot of time in the lovely hue of Carolina blue.

Another sign of spring is the Jesus freaks start turning out with their signs at the corner of Trade and Tryon downtown. I have only seen on so far but they're coming. Oh, yes, they are coming.

Why do people go to Disneyworld? They should pay you to stand in line for a thirty second line.

I wish Larry King would start smoking again. He's old enough. He should start back up like Frank Sinatra did.

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