Thursday, January 02, 2003

What time is it?

Ah, new year's. It's different from other days of the year. Instead of getting drunk with friends, you get very drunk with friends. We celebrated at my place. Wendell was there and an old friend, Chris B., came by and, after he got off work and swung by Granville's for a while, Chris M came by. We drank some beer, played some guitar, chatted, watched a few scenes from some movies, watched the two Chrisses argue and hooted and hollered.

A few kids at the apartment complex that is divided from mine by a chain link fence were setting off some single shot large firecrackers. I went out my front door to watch and I initially scared them off. I guess they thought I was going to yell at them. I did yell for them to come back. They started tossing them across the fence and I told them to throw them farther and then the little bastards tried to hit me with the firecrackers.

Around midnight a few of the surrounding apartment complexes started shooting off small fireworks. We went out to watch. I almost broke out my personal stash of firecrackers but decided that in our condition we would probably hurt ourselves. I do remeber Chris M standing out by the pool yelling "Firecracker!! Pow!!" as loud as he could. If you know Chris then you know people heard him for miles around.

Later Chris M talked us into going to the apartment complex on the other side of our building to attend a party being thrown by a guy that works at the Dominos Pizza next to deli Chris works at. It was redneck hell over there. Young rednecks, around 20-25, years old keeping the traditions of their ancestors alive. As we entered the apartment one of the first things we were told was not to be too loud since there were three babies sleeping in the other room. We got the fuck out of there after about ten minutes. I don't party with infants.

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