Monday, January 13, 2003

My WWW finger

You gots your middle finger, you gots your index finger and you gots your thumb finger. Did you realize that you have a WWW finger? You do. I cut myself on the third finger of my left hand with a piece of paper. That's right, a paper cut. Goddamn thing was small but it wouldn't stop bleeding. You might say that it was bleeding like a mother fucker. Megan down in the popular library on the first floor gave me a band-aid from their stash. (I think it's very efficient and caring that each department has their own first aid kit and shares the material willingly.) A few seconds ago I typed 'www' in order to do 'some research for a patron' and I realized that I had cut my 'www finger.' Thankfully it's a superficial cut but think of how my internet surfing could have been crippled if I had done real damage. Another bullet dodged.

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