Wednesday, January 29, 2003

More DVD gushing

Now that my DVD excitement has leveled off I can now look at the special features and great picture and sound and special features with a more discerning eye. Not with the child-like delight with which I first viewed DVD's. Martin has loaned me his DVD edition of MASH's first season. The release of full seasons of television shows is one of the best advantages of the DVD. You can squeeze 24 episodes of MASH on three DVD's. It would require twelve video cassettes to do the same thing. The feature of the MASH DVD that most excites me is that it allows you to turn off that goddman shitty-ass laugh track. I has always despised the laugh track used on that show. I hope I don't die before I can go home and watch MASH as god intended it to be watched, unblemished by a laugh track.

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