Wednesday, January 15, 2003

More boobies, please

I have a co-worker who sits right in front of me. We call him David because that is his name. Since I sit right behind him and we are not forced to work in cubicles I could see every little thing he accesses on his computer if I so wished. I generally have enough things keeping me busy that I don't need to keep track of what he is doing on his 'puter. Occasionally I will glance up and I cannot help but see what he is reading/viewing. I have no complaints, no kiddie porn so far. What does kinda disappoint me is that he never looks looks at boobies. None at all. I have never glanced up and saw so much as a bikini babe. At least the guy before him, Luann, was good for a Mariah Carey picture every now and then. C'mon, David, bring out the boobies!

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