Monday, January 06, 2003

Lord of the remotes

The following bullshit is Wendell's idea. If it's boring thump him in the head the next time you see him. Get to him before the band starts or he won't feel it when you hit him.

I announced a short while ago that I bought a DVD and felt like I had entered the 21st century. Much like the feeling I got when I bought my first CD player. In order to tie together all my components in my impressive home entertainment system I now have five remote controls that must be used in order to play DVD's.

1) Cable remote to fire up the 13 inch big screen tv.
2) DVD remote to bring to life this digital doodad. (I took back the POS I bought at Wal-Mart and got a real one at Best Buy)
3) VCR remote that the DVD video is patched into.
4) Second VCR remote to start the VCR the first VCR is hooked up to. (This is so I can dub videotapes)
5) Finally I have to start the receiver which the DVD audio is hooked into.

Wendell thinks I should buy one of them universal remotes so that I can have one remote to start them, one remote to control them, one remote to scroll them and in my apartment bind them.


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