Monday, January 27, 2003

Howdy, Folks

Geez, over the weekend I kinda forgot I even had a blog. I guess I was busy. Or asleep.

I hosted poker night here this Saturday evening. I didn't have a suitable table and Dutch and Michael were nice enough to bring by a folding table so we could play cards. Since I live an unintentionally spartan lifestyle every player had to bring their own chair. It was a full blogger event. Two of the other players, James and William, gots their own blogs also. My roomie, Wendell, played also but he doesn't have a blog. Loser. Wendell and I both came out ahead. Wendell was pulling full houses and four of a kind's out of his ass all night. I think he was cheating. James was an early exit after he was either nearly overcome by his allergies to cats and cigarette smoke or the Merle Haggard I had put on the stereo. I think William was ready to play until he ran out of money or won all his money back or until he got into a fight. We haven't had any fisticuffs at a poker night yet but I can dream.

Things I thought over the weekend

Watching a movie which you are intimately familiar with a few friends is a completely different activity than watching a new movie. You can chat through it and talk about the movie and then stop your conversation when Arnold ups the body count.

I noticed in Terminator 2 that one of the appealing aspects of the film is that those that are trying to save the world from domination by the machines have carte blanche to kill anyone that gets in their way since they are not just robbing a bank they are saving all of mankind and a couple of bystanders really mean nothing. The movie uses a cheap but effective plot technique of allowing the characters to have the willingness to kill innocents but never having to actually do it. It adds a sense of urgency and still allows them to appear more heroic as they avoid collateral damage.

Also, I want to know what it is about action movies that the last scene has to go on fucking forever. I find the last ten minutes of the first Terminator movie almost unwatchable. I know he's tough but, Jesus, kill the goddamn thing so I can stop watching this movie. This unfortunate tendency was taken to new heights in the piece of shit movie Faceoff.

Also I own chaptstick by two different companies, Burt's Beeswax and Blistek. The tubes are two different colors yet they are the same size and have the same type of twisty gear looking thing on the bottom that you twist to make the chapstick rise out of tube so that you may apply it to your suffering lips. My question is why are they identical? Do they come from the same supplier or is there a standard like cassette tapes or batteries? I think somebody is missing out on a great marketing tool here. I have read that McDonald's started selling more fries when they started super sizing the packaging. One of these companies should start increasing the size of the tubes without increasing the price. It will be a lip lube revolution.

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