Friday, January 24, 2003

Fuck McDonald's

I saw yesterday that McDonald's had its first non-profitable quarter for the first time since they went public. Maybe they will go belly up. That food is such shit. Oh wait, I ate there last week. Don't mind me, I got addicted to their food as a child. Every now and then I need to go into a McDonald's and get a fix. Shoot that cheeseburger into my vein, you greasy smellin' greasy surly old broad.

Stormwatch 2003

Let's see, I went to bed the night before last around midnight. Before I went to bed I stuck my head outside and a few tiny snowflakes were swirling down. I was awokenated about 5:30 am by a call from the coworker assigned to alert me to work closings. I heard the message she left telling me that the library is closed. Although I dig my job the first words out my mouth were "whoo hoo." Don't tell anybody but the fact that library closes during bad weather is a perk I was not aware of when I was first hired. I love that we close fairly easily because it has allowed me to run outside and enjoy our snow days over the last ten years. Wendy's is open and I out playing in the snow. Advantage: me.

Since living in the south for ten years has made me a cold weather pussy I was unable and unwilling to go back to sleep. I spent a short time gazing out at the very realistic winter scenery in the back courtyard. The snow was thick and covered the ground completely, it was piled on the branches of the trees and the wind was blowing it into small drifts. Around 7 I grabbed my camera and walked down to the Harris Teeter to buy a few essentials, toilet paper and a six pack of Coors. Who knew how long they would be open? You have to get what you need when you can, man. The roads had not cleared yet there was a layer of packed-snow ice on Park Road. Most drivers were moving slow and carefully in the one lane that was developing. I did see one idiot in an SUV going by down the curving hill above the Harris Teeter at over 30 MPH. I hope the accident he had later was violent and bloody.

I strolled down to Park Road Shopping Center early yesterday afternoon. I had to buy some gloves at Blackhawk Hardware (they have everything but envelopes) because I lost the winter gloves I bought at Sears for a second and final time. By this time the roads were thawed but still slushy and slippery and I actually saw a lady in her car, navigating a Park Road with 1 1/2 lanes open talking on her handheld cell phone. I hope the accident she had later was violent and bloody.

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