Monday, January 13, 2003

Flying the Flag

Ever been to Aldi? Aldi is a dingy grocery store that sells cheap pre-packaged foods. I've been there once and it is the only place that can rival Wal-Mart for slow-ass lines. Long lines at the fact that the place was filled with people who belong to that group known as 'least common denominator' have kept me away. With the threat of war and the possibility of civilization collapsing perhaps a trip to Aldi is necessary. I might need to stock up on some packaged food. Off brand ham slices will surely have more flavor than MRE's.

I bring up Aldi because I saw a lady today walking down the street carrying some stuff in an Aldi bag. She didn't look homeless. She looked Russian or East European. She was dressed modestly but nicely and had the nice angular features of a Russian figure skater. Maybe I'm vain but it seems to me that carrying your possesions around in an Aldi bag is a declaration of just how poor you are. It might be a way to keep the homeless away from you. Say you are walking down the stree with your lunch and work papers in an Aldi bag. A homeless man turns to you in order to ask you for some dough. Before he can speak he sees your Aldi bag and he moves on to the guy with the leather breifcase.

Know this: just because a bag is sturdy and has a tie string doesn't mean you have to walk around town with it in your hand.

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