Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Cross training

One of the coolest things about working in the library is that you are encouraged to cross train. I don't volunteer to cross train like I used to because I have become a little too comfortable with the backroom existence that is telref. I started out a few months ago training in our local history room. The first time was cool, just a tour. I needed to just get acquainted with the situation. The next time up the staffer in charge of my training asked me where I thought I was weak in. I gave her the deer in the headlight look. Weak area? How about the whoel friggin' room, baby? She put me on a PC and I researched my grandfather's history in Detroit. That was fun. He was a fireman back in the 20's.

Today they set me loose in the room that holds their vertical file and map collections. Mmmmm, fun. Let me play in a room full of maps and I'll make two hours pass like a 18 year old's first session with a prostitute.

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