Thursday, December 12, 2002


Found this at Fark. Careful, your brain will lock up on you.

Let's bitch about work

This has nothing to do with working in the information field, it's just me. Maybe thinking like this is why I gots to be a 'brarian. ANYWAY, I get calls from people who axe me what day it is and, amazingly, what time it is. I also get a lot of questions concerning the spellings and definitions of words. It drives me crazy that there are people out there that live without dictionaries and calendars. How do you live without a dictionary?!?!?!!?!? That ain't living that's sucking air in and out. Who's allowing these people to fuck? You know one thing these yucks do have? That's right, a television. Often this television is turned up so loud that you can hear it better than the person who called. I would like to be able to trace the call and notify a literacy task force that would go to their home, crash down their door, shoot that motherfucking loud-ass TV and hand them a pocket dictionary and an anthology of American literature.

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