Saturday, December 14, 2002

Yes, the comic book and me, just us, we caught the bus

Chavez the Reticent once said that Moby Dick could answer all of life's questions. I am finding that to be true also with the lyrics of Bob Dylan. At least in regards to blog headlines.

ANYWAY, I have been reading a lot of graphic novels recently. Ok, comics bound together but still they're almost as thick as a short novel. One topic that tends to pop up a lot in comics and in science fiction is the notion that other universes, besides the one we inhabit, exist. I was a-reading somewhere, or I heard it on NPR, that at the quantum level anything is possible at all times and that there could literally be gazillions of universes with different realities out there. Also such things like a choo choo train appearing in orbit around Venus are possible at the quantum level, just not very likely. DC comics was right? Bizarro World and Earth 2. Who knew? I can't wait until we can tap into this SF stuff in real life like in the Heinlein Book Number of the Beast. I want to visit an earth-like world where English is spelled fonetikly and I am the
epitome of manhood. I just find it fascinating that the universe got stranger as we looked inward not by us traveling outward. I think I may have stolen that from the article/radioshow.

Speaking of comics and alternate worlds and shit, I noticed in my comic book reading over the years that if you read a comic series from a certain period of time and then read something featuring the same character from a different title and different time period that it seems like you are reading a completely different interpretation of the character. To me this is most noticeable in the Batman character. After fifty years it's impossible to combine all the stories into one fluid timeline. There have been stories of batman at different ages in his own personal timeline portrayed in different time periods of our society. This fluidity of character is what I find is the strenght of a comic book character. There have been dozens of incarnations of Batman, some I have like better than others but they all share the same template and it is up to those creating the art and story to successfully flesh out that template. This is not a new thought, it's just something I was thinking about last night while washing my nutsack.

A work revelation

It may not be a revelation but the thought occurred to me just now that we have been getting a type of call more frequently in the last year or so: people calling from their car for telephone numbers. We are directory assistance for mommies in their SUV's. We used to just be directory assistance for the illiterate. We're moving up.

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