Monday, December 30, 2002

Where I can watch her waltz for free

Yesterday Wendell returned from his parents home in Statesville, NC with a Christmas gift from his brother that he was very happy to receive. It was the DVD version of the film The Last Waltz. I don't know how many of the regular readers of this here blog are familiar with this movie and the musicians involved but it is a great snapshot of what was good about popular music in the mid-seventies. I saw this movie a few years ago and it's features the first film footage I have ever seen of Muddy Waters. That reminds me, now that I have a DVD player I need to find some Muddy Waters live stuff. Oh, Amazon....

The movie is a document of the last concert by the group called the Band. They started out backing up a singer called Ronnie Hawkins, spent some time playing behind Bob and finished up as a highly-respected touring and recording band. Once again the magic of DVD's enriched my life last night. There was a bonus scene included. It was a jam after the concert had ended. The jam featured Ringo, Dr. John, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills, Ron Wood and a few other luminaries. It's a nice slow blues jam based on a nice beat put down by Ringo. It's a lot of soloing and smiling. It reminded me of more than a few nights at the Double Door and the Comet Grill with local musicians. A nice jam can be fun to watch. After about ten minutes the film ran out and the audio track kept playing and after a few minutes that faded out also. Initially I was disappointed that they didn't get film the whole jam but the quick jump to black with the audio playing seemed to be fitting since it was the music that mattered.

Religious discourse for those that ain't religious?

Who knew you could do such a thing? I haven't loooked too deeply into this site yet but it sounds interesting: Killing the Buddha.

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