Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Well, you're so bad and nasty

Excuse me, miss, what was that you wanted again?

OK, so that was a cheap cheap joke at someone else's expense but that's just the way I do things. You can't live on only self effacement.

The windows are filled with frost

Martino was kind enough to hook me up with Windows2000 last night. After seven or eight hours of a mind numbing installation process it seemed to work. After getting online it was apparent that the video was fucked up and only operating on the 16 color vega setting. It's pointless to view porno in 16 colors. It turns out that the video card is old and is not supported by windows2000. I was trying to install some software to fix the problem, hit a wrong button and...kaplooey...the computer goes into a restart loop. Only on a computer is it possible to work for 16 hours and accomplish nothing. I don't know of any other endeavor where an error can pretty much cancel out any positive progress you may have made. If you are building a house and you fuck up erecting the walls and have to take them down, you still have the foundation in place. If you are baking a cake and doesn't rise correctly you at least ate some batter and you can fuck the still-warm unedible cake. If you are digging a ditch and you dig it in the wrong spot, you got some excercise. If you are answering a reference question and can't find what the person wants you can usually steer them in the right direction. If you fuck up installing a windows operating system there is nothing to fall back on, just a blank screen and your rage. The only way to alleviate your rage is to watch that scene in the Southpark movie where Bill Gates is executed.

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