Wednesday, December 18, 2002

stadiums of the damned

I have been hearing and reading that there is a big debate as to what should be built on the site of the former World Trade Center. All of the plans that I viewed on the CNN website were so grandiose that they seemed to be attempting to overshadow the tragedy of 3000 dead. I am sure on of these towers, or, more accurately, groups of towers will be built. I am also positive that these buildings will fill with tenants as the financial world joins together to defy world terrorism by renting plush Manhattan office space.

Perhaps it might be best if they were to erect on that site a structure as unsitely as the destroyed World Trade Center. Something that could commemorate how the towers stood largely empty for the first few years of their existence. Something that would symbolize the pointlessness of three thousand innocents slaughtered. Of course I am referring to an NBA stadium. Erect an NBA stadium on the WTC site. Nothing else could better simultaneously represent the horror of that day and the empty financial world that thrived there.

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