Tuesday, December 24, 2002

OK, I'm over it

Like, wow, a DVD player. You know after a few days you realize that you are watching the same old movies and the only difference is that they are louder.

I may be prejudiced because it's my new toy but I swear my audio CD's sound better in that thing than on my other CD player. If a CD can possibly sound crisper then these do. Could Neil Young actually have been right about earlier CD technology?

Stalking with your blog

I figure, since google searches the text of blogs, you could, conceivably stalk someone via your blog. If you are a competent stalker you should be able to discover the general interests and internet surfing habits of your prey. You could then write up a false blog that discusses all the topics of your stalkee. You include an email address somewhere in the template of your blog and when that person contacts you, you befriend them via email and chatting and then you entice them to meet you across the state line. One more missing person and your carnal lusts are satisfied. Let me know if you use this idea and it works.

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