Thursday, December 05, 2002

Nightmare on Beatties Ford Road Street

Yesterday we got to go home early from work because the weather was all bad nasty, yo. Rain, sleet and snow. I spare you the usual yankee shit about how despicable it is that a little snow shuts down the city but it does. I think it's a good thing, us going home for a snow day. Snow days rock. It's like a free Sunday. A free Sunday, for christ sakes. A Sunday without a church obligation for you losers that go to church. Bonus, free, a little extra something in your stocking, go directly to 'Go' and collect $200, buy a six pack and watch local news. I love watching the local news coverage of any sort of inclement weather we get around here. I really do understand that you can't justify purchasing enough road clearing machinery to be effective in true winter weather for a total of 5 days of actual winter weather over a season. So it's cool the city shuts down and shitty local news fires up. I love it when they send one of these idiots to an overpass over I-77 and he says things like, 'traffic is really slow,' 'traffic is real light due to the wintry conditions,' 'the state transportation department has recommended that you do not leave your house and, if you must, drive slowly and safely,' yadda yadda yadda. While the usual spiel is going on the camer pans to a nearly empty interstate populated by just a few cars moving carefully through the yellow dusk of street lights. Now that's news, baby.

I had a job interview scheduled for today. OK, so I get up early and catch a ride from my upstairs neighbor on his way to work and I get to the downtown transit center bus station transportation hub city bus leaving area place. I catch the #7 Beatties Ford Rd bus that takes me to a connector shuttle that will drop me off in front of the branch where I gots an interview. Getting to the spot where I need to catch the connector is no problem. In fact the ride is interesting in that I can get a good eyeful of all the downed trees along the route. Pretty cool. Ice covered trees are beautiful as long as they aren't falling on your car, house or child. While waiting for the connector I chatted with a fellow Michigander from Detroit. He commented on how the trees up there didn't get pulverized so badly when an ice storm hit. He thought it was because the trees here were weak. My theory was that they didn't ice up as consistently down here so the destruction was more apparent when a freeze hit. He agreed. I thought about it after he caught another bus. I now think he is right, North Carolina trees are pussies.

After almost an hour of waiting a young lady who was catching the same route came by and asked me if it had arrived yet. I said no and after a few more minutes she got concerned and called the bus system. Turns out that the route we both need is not running. Now I spend the next fifteen minutes looking for a phone to call and cancel my interview. The security at the closed Health department building lets me in to call. It's not quite noon and the library hasn't opened yet. I can't get through. I catch the next #7, which runs at a nice consistent every fifteen minutes, back to the transit center. I walk up to the Hilton and call the person who would be interviewing me and ask to reschedule. He seems happy to do so. In fact he seemed surprised that I actually tried to get there. I guess that makes me look good which is all an interview really is for.

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