Friday, December 06, 2002

Like Judas of old, You lie and deceive, A world war can be won, You want me to believe

She's scared and so am I.

SENOR (Tales of Yankee Power)

I am the only person I know, other than my roommate, that didn't lose power during this horrible, terrible, gruesome, awesome and icy ice storm. I guess the other night was the only time you would ever have any kind of an advantage living in one of those developments where all the trees have been cut down. 'Hey, we might bake like mudpies in the summer but during ice storms we don't get no damage from falling branches!'

You know how when they nave a new developement they name it after what they destroyed. It's an old joke. You find a development called 'Beautiful Ancient Oaks Acres' you can be sure that they knocked down several acres of oaks in order to construct cookie-cutter homes. Delving into why you would desire to live in a treeless housing area full of $500,000 houses that give you as much privacy as an apartment due to the tiny lots is a subject for a much longer blog entry than this. I was wondering why they don't use such a naming technique when they put in high density development in parts of town that were once shitty. There is a new condo/office building on South Blvd near downtown. It has a meaningless fictional name, why not call it 'Bum Puke on a Dumpster Manor?' 'Toothless Transvestite Hooker Shopping Center?' 'Wino with Shit-Filled Trousers Mall?' It would help add local color to all these red brick buildings popping up all over town.

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