Monday, December 30, 2002

Let's bitch about work

Ok, not actually work but people. In telephone reference we get calls from people who are lazy. We are talking deep-fried-twinkies ass-groove-television-devouring take-the-three-kids-from-three-different-men-to-McDonald's laziness. These are the people that use the library for videos only. Nothing wrong with that, it's a service we offer but I maintain my right to look down my nose at their ilk. You've seen them, they show up with their three kids, all under four years old, and check out the maximum number of videos three times a week. I just talked to one of these slugs on the phone a few minutes ago and it was painful. From the tone of her voice it was difficult for her to summon forth enough energy to even talk on the phone. I think as I was looking up these ten videos she rattled off to me that she was struggling to stay awake. She was either attempting to maintain consciousness or very distracted by the television blaring in the background. Hey, lady, these videos are for your enjoyment so try and act interested as you inquire about their availability. It was a chore for her to tear herself away from her television long enough to see if we had more movies for her to devour. Soon it will become so tiring that she will only be able to muster up enough energy to open one eye and watch static on her television screen, her shirt covered in drool and her three kids dead from starvation.

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