Monday, December 16, 2002

For them that must obey authority

When you are on the floor here at the 'brary and you are out among the masses you have to wear a little red, white and gold metal pin that shows to the world that you is be and are a library employee. With this pin comes great authority. With that authority, also, comes great responsibility. You don't want to be an obsessive 'shusher.' You don't want the homeless guys to lose respect for you.

Just a few minutes ago, at the internet desk, I was looking as busy as possible and a few Hispanic fellas started having a little pow wow behind me. Not too loud at first but a couple more came over and it got just a little too loud. Not like teenage boys banging their pricks together but just a touch over the preferred hush library tone. I took a quick glance over my shoulder and they dispersed like a group of bikers confronted by a couple of policemen. A genial respect of limited authority but not looking for an argument either. Respect the pin, you sons a bitches.

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