Tuesday, December 10, 2002

But they'll pinch themselves and squeal and know that it's for real the hour when the ship comes in

I may have mentioned that I have been reading a cool book by Gershom Gorenberg called The end of Days. It's about how right wing Christians nutjobs are working with right wing Israeli nutjobs to bring about the destruction of the Dome on the mount in Jerusalem so that they can erect a temple. The Christian wackos want the temple so Jesus will return and the temple will be desecrated by the antichrist who may also help erect the temple and the Israeli wackos want to erect the temple so that their redemption may begin and the messiah will come. Of course, those of the Islamic faith who control the mosque at the top of the mount would rather they were left alone. I hadn't realized until I started reading this book that there have been plots to blow up the Islamic buildings that currently stand there. Imagine the cataclysm that would start. Eyikes.

ANYWAY, the author used a great analogy in describing the mindset of those that believe the erecting of a building will start prophesied events. (Prophecy! who could put stock in the words of a soiled madman probably full of a magic mushrooms?) He spoke of the cargo cults that arose in the south Pacific during the time of European exploration during the 1800's. The islanders saw how supplies arrived on the huge sailing vessels and allowed the white folk to live a life of relative ease while the islanders had to build all their tools and luxuries. Naturally the islanders started building their own docks so that they may start recieving cargo ships also. Is that anything like putting on cologne hoping to get laid? Of course we all know that the temple is in your heart and the only way you can access is through study and prayer and natural mind altering drugs.

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