Friday, December 27, 2002

As the sun went down and the music did play

Tom wrote about a time he went to an Iggy Pop concert all tore up. I learned early on not to go to concerts all tore up at my second concert back in 1986. It was the spring I was waiting to graduate high school and head on to boot camp. A few friends and I went and saw ZZTop at an outdoor venue in northern Michigan. First of all, nobody, but nobody ever tours in northern Michigan. An appearance by ZZTop in the mid eighties was a big goddamn deal. Since I was only eighteen and my friends and I didn't have a connection we were alcohol free. As we were walking into the venue there was a big leather-clad biker dude passed out in the grass. I thought it was senseless to pay all that money and miss the show and I have always attempted to never get so tore up at a show that I miss it. I don't count that time I saw Paul Rodgers and Steve Miller about six years ago because that show sucked balls and there was really nothing else to do. I believe that was the night at the evil Blockbuster Pavillion when the lady at the beer stand asked to see my ID and I couldn't find it. It was in my wallet but I couldn't see it. She told me I had had enough and I had to agree with her and slunk silently away. That was the same night that my friend, Jeff, wanted to wrestle and he almost broke my back.

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