Monday, November 25, 2002

Sometimes the silence can be like the thunder

Today while riding the bus to work I was, as usual, listening to music on my headphones. I was listening to the recent Sonic Youth album called Murray Street. The first review on the previous link sums up my feelings for the album perfectly. ANYWAY, yesterday I noticed that the battery light was flashing on my personal Cd stereo headphone system by Panasonic. I made a mental note to change out the batteries after I got home. Of course, I forgot to change out the batteries. This morning, in the dang cold, I started up the ole personal CD stereo system and there is that goddamn battery light again. I just knew they weren't going to last all the way to work. I put the headphones and waited about ten minutes for the bus, got on and, as soon as I sat down, the music dies. Now I have to spend the 20-minute ride listening to bus brakes and the two loud talkers in the back. Thank god books don't require batteries.

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