Sunday, November 24, 2002

She can take the dark out of the nighttime

Last night at Movie Guy's place we watched two movies. Imagine that. Only me and Bookpimp showed up because James and Dutch were out chasing skirts and Martino De Casa cancelled at the last minute for reasons unknown. I think he got sand in his vagina.

First movie: Near Dark. A vampire movie that never mentions the word vampire. A vampire movie with a hot blonde vampire that falls for and converts a cowboy who looks like the guy from Quantum Leap. It's a decent B movie romp without enough titty. Movie Guy's favorite scene, where the vampires who never claim to be vampires, kill a bunch of rednecks in a bar. The incredibly hot Jenette Goldstein who played Vasquez in Aliens plays one of the vampires. Yummy. One nice touch in the movie is that the older vampires are less concerned with hygene. They don't bother to wipe the dirt off. Reminded me of older humans who pay less attention to their personal appearance. You've seen those old guys with the bad hair cuts that don't trim their nails anymore. They stopped caring a couple of years ago and now they are waiting to die. What I did like was since the budget was obviously low they used a lot of implication as far as their vampire powers. The hot blonde vampire does mention early in the movie how loud the night was with this line: 'Listen to the night, it's deafening.'

Second movie: The Salton Sea. First half, gritty real-life drama about speed addicted yahoos in southern California. Second half, shoot em up revenge action flick. Picture 'Trainspotting' combined with 'Lethal Weapon II.' It did have a few good lines in it, my favorite was spoken by a tweeker half out his head and holding a spear gun: 'Excuse me. I don't mean to impose, but I am the Ocean.' What this movie needed was Tom Waits to walk through it at least once.

After the two movies we watched the trailer for Blazing Saddles at my request. Blazing Saddles came out in 1974 and trailers were not the art form then that they are now. Believe me. Anticlimatic at best.

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