Sunday, November 17, 2002

Pulled into town in a police car

Actually I pulled into town on the train from Durham that was two hours late arriving today. Like the guy on the cell phone said, before he starting bragging about how much he loved his job to whoever the fuck he was talking to, it's no wonder why people don't ride the rails more often. From what I could gather from the happy happy workers on the train, the train couldn't move because they were having problem with their computerized dispatcher. I spent much of the trip back worrying about a head-on collision due to the a foul up.

One of the big reasons to visit Durham, besides spending time with a good friend, is to check out the two awesome used book stores within walking distance of Lee's apartment. I found a used copy of book called World Poetry. It's lovely. Big and full of poems I'll probably never read. It looks good on the book shelf though. The cover has nice colors.

The first book store we visited. on Saturday, was located behind a fried chicken shack and is called 'Books Do Furnish a Room.' It was especially interesting due to the the two guys that were working there. One was the typical used bookstore owner. Thin mousey with dark hair that appeared dyed. The second fella looked like Frankenstein's monster. I believe his neck tilted to the right so his head was out of line with the rest of his body but I couldn't be sure because I didn't want to stare. I bought a book of essays by Donald Hall.

The second store, called Nice Price, was less than a block away next to a convenience store and across the street was a Family Dollar which we did not enter. This store has a staff that is much less creepy than the other store. On this day there was a lovely and very nice waifish lady in her early 20's who's special talent was looking at you directly and smiling sweetly. Bless her heart. This is the store where I found the World Poetry. I had been wanting to find a used copy of that book for a while. It's something I will keep part of my personal collection for the rest of my days. It was on the floor at the foot of the poetry shelf covered by other books. It was pure luck that I decided to move that pile around.

We lit out from there and stopped by the Duke Museum of Art which is located right across the street from Lee's apartment building. I can't say enough good things about this place. I won't even try to describe it. Check out the webpage if you are interested. Just know that it deserves to be visited if you are in the area. You are short changing yourself if you do not visit this museum.

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