Friday, November 22, 2002

Power to the people, right on. Or: Me vs. Harris Teeter.

A short while ago I delineated how the shithead security guard at the Park Road Harris Teeter notified me, while I was checking out, that I should leave my backpack at the customer service desk while I am in the store. Naturally, I now despise the guy, though I shouldn't because he is just doing the job his overseers have saddled him with.

Not long after this I received the same treatment at the Eckards drugstore a few doors down from the Teeter. The Eckards' employee was less enthusiastic in his duty and even a little embarassed and he apologetically informed me that "we have to do this for everybody."

Tonight I stopped by the Harris Teeter again to pick up some pictures. First I had to tinkle so I headed to the restroom. I kept my backpack on. Fuck 'em. As I was leaving the restroom there stood the security guard. He said something to me. I had to remove my headphones and he had to say again some bullshit about leaving my backpack at the customer service desk. Since my pictures were awaiting me there I said "I got some photos to pick up and that's they're located." I turned my back on him and went to pick up my photos.

With this douche bag trailing me I walked up to the customer service desk and got my pictures. As they were processing my payment I asked the customer service rep what the big deal was about my backpack she said, "Oh, we have to do that for everybody."

Why must they qualify it? What kind of person is out there that has our merchants ths frightened? Teeenagers? Terrorists? It must be those OTHER people. You know, the people you are not dealng with at this moment. This may be nitpicking but I don't see them forcing women to check their fucking purses at the customer service desk. It's probably just a merchant's way of decreasing shrinkage (theft). I see it as another way we are controlled by those with more power than the individual. It's the same treatment I received as an OfficeMax employee when they forced us to read the new employee manual which was really a listing of all the reasons that could lead to your dismissal.

I guess the Harris Teeter would rather lose my next five year's of grocery purchases rather than take the chance of losing a few bucks right now. Assheads.

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