Tuesday, November 26, 2002

A master in the arts

I 'member growing up I thought art was something unattainable. I couldn't draw and I wasn't very good with my hands. I didn't have the knack that a lucky few have for drawing. Drawing is the one thing I have never been able to do that I would want to do. It took me a long time to realize that there is more to art than the stuff you cannot ever hope to achieve. I would look at paintings by masters and would be afraid to draw. I received bad grades in art class after busting my ass while trying to create sometihng unique and it crushed me. Now I realize that if I write my name in the snow while peeing that it's art, goddammit. That is why I love the website Exploding dog. The setup is simple. You email this guy a line and he makes a line drawing out of it using. The combination of drawings and lines is consistently interesting and sometimes genius. Occasionally it doesn't work at all but it's never boring. In some ways it reminds me very much of the Farside by Larson.

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