Saturday, November 23, 2002

I'm strumming on my gay guitar

I was looking over the PBS website about the show that honored Bob Newhart with the Mark Twain American Comedy award and I came across the biography of Fred Willard. You may remember Fred from his hilarious improvised appearance in Best in Show. He played the thick-headed TV announcer. One of the funniest performances I have ever seen. Anyway, anyhoo and anywhy, in the short bio it mentions that he won an award for his appearances on the television show Rosanne as the 'gay lover' of the character played by Martin Mull. Ok, Willard is a guy and Mull is a guy. They play lovers. That would make! Does the writer of this bio suspect that there might be somone who would read this and think that maybe Willard dressed in drag and played a woman or is it sucn a notable accomplishment for a straight guy to play gay guy on TV that it deserves to be highlighted? I don't know, it's just semantics, I reckon. Too much Carlin in my brain diet.

I guess I will, from now on, refer to any woman with whom I am currently coupling as my heterosexual lover.

More file sharing stuff

Here's a great story on file sharing and the coming death knell for large record companies. The last paragraph gives reason enough to stick it to these fucks.

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