Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The Human Clock

Have you heard of the human clock? It's a clever time-waster website that publishes pictures submitted by average joes that cleverly show what time it is. We at telref decided that the human clock should not exist without a couple of pictures from us. At 9:26 and 9:28 am there are pics of Walt Short and Michael Engelbrecht, respectively. If you do check it out at those times and you do not see those pics hit reload a few times and our pics will cycle through.

This weekend in Durham while visiting Lee I hope Chris, Lee and I can come up with a few worthwhile photographs. I will have to take photos with my boring old SLR and then scan the pictures once I get them developed. I don't know how I am able to live without a digital camera. I really don't.

Fun with the homeless

Yesterday while walking to Johnny Burrito #2 during lunch I passed in front of the CVS. The CVS is a favorite lurking spot for bums either because of the cheap snacks that are readily available or the convenient doorway they can hide in that can't be seen from inside the store. Right in front of CVS this very dark and squat woman, as she is stumbling past me, says Tourettely, "Yougotacigarette?" I said no. She looked at my like I was lying. I wasn't. Honest.

After eating too much at JB #2 I was passing the CVS on my way back to the library. Once again I saw my nicotine jonesing friend. Now she is standing in that doorway next to CVS holding a brand new pack of Newports. She saw me glancing at her and she called out in another spastic burst, "gotanychange!?" I shook my head. I could tell she thought I was lying again and this time she was right.

2nd Floor bathroom aroma

Todays aroma reminded me a pair of soiled underwear sitting on a flat rock that had been pooped on by a lizard the evening before and is now being roasted in a 110 degree desert sun.

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