Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Fun with the homeless

I was working the reference desk yesterday and this angry homeless guy walks by the desk and I glance up at him. He gives me an absolutely nasty look like he is ready to jump across the desk and attack. He tells me I need to stop staring at him and look elsewhere. I answer a couple of his orders with comments like, "Oooookay" and "all right, then." He doesn't actually threaten me but as he heads into the magazine stacks I can tell it's only going to get more interesting when he comes back out. He comes out from the magazine stacks and comes by the desk. I stare at him because there is no way I am going to be intimidated by some drugged up homeless fuck. He tells me again to stop staring at him etc. etc. etc. As he walks toward the elevator he calls me a "homo queer boy." He gets into the elevator giving me his best evil look as he gets in. Before I can call security a patron comes up with a question which I answer. I then call downstairs and the cop on duty tells me the guy has already left.

He came in today and security escorted him outta. Bye bye, fuckface.

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