Friday, November 15, 2002

Every pissant photo contest

Are you a zero? A nobody? Another drab face in the monotonous crowd? Do you have a camera and know how to use it? Then do I have a contest for you: The Everyman Photo Contest!. It's put together by Troy. He's the fella that does the Whole Life Catalog. He owns a digital camera that is worth more than my whole wardrobe, and his wardrobe from what I have read. I entered this contest last year and got royally screwed. I can't believe my picture of RL Burnside didn't make the finals. I think the judges were racist. I also believe they don't realize how amazing it is that the picture was in focus cosidering how stinking drunk I was when I snapped the photograph. Judging from the finalists, my photo wasn't abstract enough nor was it in black and white. I know what to do now. I will enter again this year and I will be victorious unless, of course, Troy reads this entry and sees that I called him a racist. I should amend that. He's not racist, just prejudiced.

Not just another pretty face

I have been fascinated for a while now with the actress All Kliouka who plays a tough-ass Russian immigrant woman on the Sopranos. I did an internet search for her today and it turns out she is quite famous in Russia. Who knew? She has only appeared once this season and she had a great line when facing the actress who plays Janice, Tony Soprano's sister who is completely full of shit. Every word out of her mouth is a waste of valuable oxygen. Anyway, this last episode Janice sees Sveltyana, the character played by the tasty Alla, and emptily apologizes for a misdeed from the season before. Sveltyana, fully aware of the complete shit rolling out of the other woman's mouth, looks at her and says, "aaaach, you are a boring woman." She delivered the line perfectly. Her timing was impeccable and she carried the whole episode.

More Human Clock News

We now have an entry at 1:45 pm. It's my bobblehead goth girl sitting in the window here in telref.

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