Saturday, November 30, 2002

Dang, no Dylan lyrics

Lately I have been using the lyric search on Bob Dylan's webisite for headlines for my blog entries. Today the lyric search isn't working. You can't depend on anything these days.

I went to the Southpark Mall yesterday because I needed underwear. You may wonder what the mall was like on the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. Two words: cluster fuck.

Plenty of opportunities for people watching, I must say. I am a big supporter of the bare midriff craze created by our recent pop divas. I can only hope the next big pop star does not wear a snowsuit. Seeing how these pop chicks dress and how they influence the teeny boppers what is the next step to take? Pretty soon they will be going to the mall dressed in see through thong panties with a string of christmas tinsel across their chests. Once they go completely nude what is the next step? Body paint? After that? Maybe surgically implanted see through skin so that we can see their innards?

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