Monday, October 28, 2002

Walking in the rain

I needed to go to the post office today. The post office is located at Park Road Shopping Center which is just far enough away that I usually get passed by the bus on the way there. Today, since it was drizzling lightly and the next bus was not going to be by for 45 minutes I decided to hoof it the poist office. Besides, I have been a slug recently and I figured a short walk would be good for me.

I had my umbrella opened and I was keeping pretty dry and it felt good to stretch my legs. About halfway to my destination the sky just opened up and I was in danger of being overwhelmed. I ducked under the shelter of an abandoned gas station for about ten minutes and waited out the deluge.

After the downpour ended I resumed my trek. I got to the post office. Dropped the cable bill in the slot and got in line to buy postage for my most recent application. This one was for Aurora, CO. Someday I would hope to at least get a telephone interview from one of the libraries. I was waited on by the strange postal worker with the mole. Her special talent is pathetic attempts at jocularity. It's hard for me to humor the unfunny. I smile a lot when she jokes and complete my business as quickly as possible.

After the post office I sauntered on down to the happiest place on earth, Blackhawk Hardware. Blackhawk is a classic big neighborhood hardware store. You can by everything from paint, tools, candles, lumber to bird feeders. I was actually pricing bird feeders. My current feeder is one of those cheap $9.99 Wal-Mart models and it tends to clog up very easily. I need a nice bird feeder. The birds are staying away. I gots to have the birds. The cats gots to have the birds. My cats' lives have gotten less interesting ever since I got that cheap piece of shit feeder from Wal-Mart. Blackhawk has a great selection of feeders. It looks like I am going to have to spend about $20 to get a nice one. Did you know you can spend over $50 for a bird feeder? Who in the hell buys those?

That was the exciting experience of my day off, walking in the rain to shop for bird feeders.

The world series

Last night Chris, Wendell and I watched game seven of the series. I hadn't been watching many games of the baseball playoffs. I have become more of a NASCAR fan that a baseball fan. I will sit and watch a game seven though. There is something special about a game seven. Every pitch, every play and every decision literally has implications on the outcome of your season. An key hit or defensive play can cement a player's place in baseball lore for decades. Conversely, a bad pitching performance or a fielding error can place you among the ranks of one of the all-time goats. The only place the spotlight may be brighter is the superbowl.

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