Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Crazy Kooky Caller #4645878655878466846

'I have this long-named mental disorder. I've met a guy and I am going to get married. I will probably have to get sterilized before I get married. My question to you is have mental patients ever been sterilized while hospitalized?'

I heard there's a new sheriff in town, who wants to kill him?

Remember that scene in Blazing Saddles when the character played by Slim Pickens asked that question of the farting cowboys gathered around the cooking fire and all of them jumped up, raised their hands and exhuberantly volunteered to wipeout the new sheriff? So far the sniper has been indicted for murder in three Virginia couties, by the federal guvment, Montgomery county,MD and Montgomery, AL. We caught us a sniper, who wants to kill him?

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