Tuesday, October 29, 2002

The Christian right and the end of the world

I was off yesterday and a couple of hours before I walked to the post office in the rain I listened to the NPR program Fresh Air. The first guest was nutjob Jesus freak, Tim Lahaye. He scared the piss out of me. He's one of those guys that takes the bible literally (a translated document taken literally!!) and believes that if you aren't born again, not just a Christian but born again, then you are going to hell. Of course railing against fundamentalist Christians is pretty pointless, you can't change the minds of the doggedly ignorant.

After his smug proclamations the host, Terry Gross, then interviewed journalist, Gershom Gorenberg, whose analysis of Lahaye and the Christian right about put me in an apoplectic state. I have been aware than the Christian right is a supporter of Israel, or at least a Jewish state. According to Gorenberg, the only reason they support a Jewish state is that a Jewish state, in the book Revelations, is the first sign of Armageddon. So, the only reason they support Israel is so that they can bring about the end of the world. Also he pointed out that Lahaye portrays his personal interpretation of the bible as a fact-based research. The bible is full of allegorical language how can it possible be researched in the way Lahaye portrays his work? It's dishonest at best, fucking evil if you dwell on it for more than a minute. I liked how Gorenberg spoke on the topic. He seemd very knowledgeable. He has a book out called 'The end days' which is about the ultra-right Christian wackos. I have a copy on hold and hope to get my hands on it soon.

Check out the opening of Lahaye's website. It is a graphical showing of god calling saved souls to heaven during the rapture. What a bunch of shit.

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