Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Blogging, like all the great sciences, has its own vocabulary!

First up: Fisking.

Not all right-wing wackos are guys. I love this woman's peace and god and guns and love and Islam hate stance. She comes from that school of the right that thinks you are a pussy if you are against war. Her blog is good for a chuckle but don't read too much or you'll want to hit her.

I was pleasantly surprised to read this nice letter in today's 'letters to the editor' section of the Charlotte Observer:

Committee was right to criticize Bush

How wonderful to see Jimmy Carter's service to humanity acknowledged.

Even if he did ache for the Nobel, he deserved it. How wonderful also to see the committee's integrity in its admonishment of Mr. Bush's aggressive policy toward Iraq.

For what prize, I wonder, does Mr. Bush ache?

Judy Dancing

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