Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Allow me to rifle through your memories

I think I mentioned that I take care of the book sale here at the brary. Occasionally a middle aged adult will bring in a stack of cardboard boxes full of all the books his 80 year old progenitor has collected over his or her long pointless life. Today I dug through the life of one Margaret C. She is a Methodist. Likes Emily Dickinson. Studied the Synoptic Gospels. She either considered or did actually travel to Japan to do missionary work. She went to Central High in Charlotte. Went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill. Travelled to D.C. in the sixties and saved her brochures from the museums. Went to the 50th anniversery of D-Day in Normandy. In her later years she read a lot of popular fiction from the likes of Jan Karon and Danielle Steele. It's both fascinating and depressing. You spend you whole life amassing these items and they end up on a shelf in the library being pawed by one-eyed homeless people looking for something to barf into. I hope when I die I have at least one book in my possession a library will add to their collection. Maybe when my progeny hauls my book collection to the library or Salvation Army someone will go gaga when they see my nearly complete Robert Heinlein collection.

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