Monday, September 16, 2002

I didn't hear nobody pray

Jessica and I went to Louisville, KY this weekend to attend the wedding of a friend of hers. We left Friday right after work and drove for eight hours or so and got in about three in the morning. I don't reccomend doing that. That's the kind of trip that requires three 22 year old guys with a case of beer, a carton of cigarettes and some speed. "Are we there yet" was the theme of that leg of our journey. I drove the second leg and only the White Stripes album "De stijl" played very loud kept me going.

Coming back yesterday we decided to drive to Asheville. NC from Lousiville so we could bum around Asheville for a couple of hours last night and this morning. I can't say enough good things about all the independent shops in downtown Asheville. I could have spent my paycheck there and still wanted more.

Getting to Asheville from Louisville was an adventure also. It was raining about the whole way. Not a bad rain, just showers interspersed with drizzle and occasional breaks in the precipitation. The Smokey Mountains during a rain spell are beautiful with the clouds wrapping themselves around the tree-covered mountain tops. What wasn't pretty were the three wrecks we saw. A couple weren't bad but one had traffic on I-40 down to one lane in each direction. From what I could tell a van clipped a semi and wound up upside down on the middle barrier. I don't want to sound like a wussy but driving on the interstates scares me sometimes. There are so many trucks and so much traffic it really can be dangerous. More than once I was tempted to just pull of the side of the road and breathe.

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