Thursday, September 12, 2002

Funniest Video Ever

Nope, not that Michael Jackson video where he smashed a bunch of cars and grabbed his nutless crotch. Not that one. Oh sure, it was funny. Funny as W. Bush reading a speech but that's not the one I mean. I am referring to 'Smoking Banana Peels" by the Dead Milkmen. Give it a shot, it'll put a smile on your face.

I saw the Dead Milkmen a few times at the old 1313 club here in Charlotte. It was the first place I ever saw a band in this town way back in the summer of 1990. The first band I saw there was a band that, I think, was from the Chapel Hill area, Johnny Quest. They were a P-Funk band. Not too original but loud and fun. I went because I won free tickets from a radio station. It was probably 95.7 back when it was called 'The Rock.' I will always remember the Dead Milkmen for having the only slam pit that I ever really participated in. You will never meet a nicer but of slam dancers than you will at a Dead Milkmen show. It was more like a kindergarten recess than a punk show. If you fell, you got picked up and no one ever tried to jack you. Peace and love while slam dancing. They had a lightheartedness along with an ability to attach very funny and often astute lyrics to catchy melodies. They did, honest.
I don't even consider the Dead Milkmen a guilty pleasure. KISS is a guilty pleasure, the Dead Milkmen are cool.

Just in case you were wondering here is a graphic from a Johnny Quest T-shirt and tape cover. That's right, tape cover. This is some old school shit. Bands used to hawk tapes at shows, not CD's.

There is a reference to Johnny Quest in this article about mid 90's Carolina bands here.

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