Friday, September 27, 2002

Cat Vomit Stunts

I have a cow-colored cat called Pippin. He vomits like he's a beauty contestant or a jockey. Last night he puked all over the computer and the computer desk and an ashtray. I tried to reconstruct thie incident through careful observation and he appears to have been perched atop the monitor when he let loose. I have to say that I have no evidence that it was Pippin who left this gift but I have to judge from previous behavior and I have already established his purging habits. Judging from the lay of the vomit he was perched on the left corner of the monitor facing west/southwest. The ashtray was sitting to the left of the monitor and a majority of the goo landed in there. A goodly sized chunk went beyond the ashtray and hit the top of the desk. I assume that when he pulled back a bit of came back with him and stretched across the upper corner of the keyboard. He finished the manouever by stringing a small bit on the screen of the monitor. I can only expect so much from a cat who will climb inside a litter box and then hang his ass outside the box and dump on the floor.

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