Monday, September 30, 2002

Can cat vomit make you sick?

Last night I started to get a scratchy throat. Today it hurts to swallow and my head is all stuffy and I got a slight headache. Poor me. I wonder if I got it from that cat vomit I cleaned up the other day. That stuff can't be free of germs. It didn't look free of germs, that's for sure. I am in the process of deciding whether or not to go or home or not. My co-workers who would prefer not get sick have encouraged me to go home. I believe I will bow to demands of my people. On their advice I will go home and recurperate.

I made it home and I am glad I did go home. I feel worse now. I am a walking petri dish. Come by later and I'll breathe on you and you, too, can miss work for a day or two. I wonder if I'll feel better if I get drunk? Probably not.

What I smelled on the bus

Generally bus riders have pretty good hygene. I would say about 95% of them bathe regularly. Now, if only I could improve my hygnene we could bump that up to almost 96%. My only complaint so far with bus riders is that the guys tend to liberally apply really shitty cologne. Today was different. This morning a semi-homeless looking guy sat in front of me and somehow he managed to smell like a pile of old magazines. I have to commend him for his originality. Maybe there's a new cologne called "Old English Professor."

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