Monday, September 09, 2002

The Cabarrus County Fair

I love fairs. I went to the Cabarrus County Fair with Jessica and Ms. Sachs. We got there in the late afternoon on my suggestion. I like to get there while the sun is still up so we can be there as darkness descends on the fair grounds.

We did all the usual fair stuff. We walked around, ignored the carnies and their crooked games, drank sugar-filled drinks, ate deep fried food, gazed upon cow butts, petted the goats, watched the piglet races, watched people scream their lungs out on creaky rides, oggled teenaged girls dressed like Britney, road the bumper cars twice and saw about ten cops haul away some skinny redneck guy for fighting.

The piglet races had a new twist this year. They had two groups of four pigs that did one lap around a fenced in track. Each group participated in two races. The second time they came out they were forced to swim through a shallow pool of water about fifteen feet long. The crowd screamed. I saw the show twice and each time one of the pigs in the first group just had no interest in the water and had to be coaxed in. He was a crowd favorite each time which caused me to wonder if they purposely included a pig that was terrified of water so the monkeys in the bleachers could have a good laugh? Did you know that pigs aren't really dirty, that we just force them to live that way? Sounds like our country's attitude toward the third world, don't it?

I was disappointed in the low redneck turnout. There were more last year. Maybe Concord is slowly losing its redneck population like south Charlotte did over the years. Kinda sad, they add color to any event.

The fair will be up and running through the 14th and anyone in the area should go. County fairs are unique and local. Two better reasons exist they do not.

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