Monday, August 19, 2002

"We've got problems, we've got challenges, this generation has got challenges to meet and we're going to meet those challenges head on. We've got the challenge of fighting and winning a war against terrorists and we're going to win that war against terrorists."
W. Bush at the foot of Mt. Rushmore.

How can someone who speaks like this be the president? I know it's been run into the ground but, Jesus, I had a gym teacher more articulate than this guy. Another thing. What is up with those pictures of him at Mt. Rushmore? God, they're laughable. He looks like a high school freshman standing in front of a mural of the last state championship football team.

In case you were concerned, my toe still hurts. It's not crippling but I know it's there. It's like your cat hacking up a bug he ate. Not a disaster but something you would rather not hear or have to deal with.

More cats and bamboo and barfing.

Gallagher, being the incredible selfish food hound that he is, finally gobbled enough bamboo to cause vomiting. Leafy cat barf is more disgusting than the usual half-digested dried food pile.

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