Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Writing in my blog is much more fun than that paper up on the screen in my room right now.

I am a dangerous terrorist

I am in the Harris Teeter at Park Road Shopping Center about a week ago. As I am checking out the security fuck comes over says to me "The next time you come in here you need to leave your bag at the front." Someday I will have to write a rant on why I can't stand security guards and ain't too fond of cops neither.

Just yesterday I am the Eckerds in the same shopping center and one of the employees comes down an aisle and tells me I need to leave my bag at the front of the store. He explained to me that they had to do it for everybody now so they wouldn't be discriminatory. I guess things have gotten so dangerous in this new world we live in that the Harris Teeter and Eckerds stores in Charlotte are now primary targets. Really now, how many important U.S. landmarks would have to go kaplooey before an Eckerds became an attractive target?

I bought a cheap piece of shit Casio wristwatch at Radio Shack yesterday for $4.97. Can I spot a deal or what? I keep it in my purse...er...I mean my backpack. It helps me catch the bus and also to time how long it takes douche bag security guards to track me down and detain me and my man purse. Do you think they would leave me alone if I explained to them that it's not a bag but a purse and if they try to take I yell "Hey, mister, let go of my purse?"

Listened to on the bus:  Nothing. I'm on vacation, biatch.

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