Tuesday, July 09, 2002

July 9, 2002

Last night in class we discussed culture. Pretty exciting stuff except the opinions of most people in that class are about as interesting as the opinions of actors that appear on Leno and Letterman. I guess that's not entirely fair. It's not that most of the people in class are uninteresting, it's just that the most vocal are the least interesting. Maybe there is a formula where the worth of what you have to say is inversely proportionate to how often you speak up. Or I could just be completely sick of library school.

There is an interview here with Gore Vidal, a very important American thinker.
Since I am linking and since you are reading this, at the very least, you don't hate web logs, the creator of This Modern World has a very good one here. He links to all kinds of good Anti-American commie pinko liberal propaganda.

I sat with Super Wendell and the One Big Loud Guy last night and watched the home run derby on ESPN. I now enjoy the home run derby more than the all-star game. Probably because the Fox coverage of the all star game is going to be noisy and "in your face." Everything the coverage of the home run derby on ESPN last night wasn't. Mike Piazza, superstud Mets' catcher, was doing color commentary and actually made a reference to the movie The Natural when Sammy Sosa stepped out during his turn to get a new bat.

Listened to on duh bus: Hunky Dory by David Bowie.

Read on duh bus:  A short story by Arthur C. Clarke.

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