Monday, July 15, 2002

July 15, 2002.

This weekend I decided to grow a beard so I could be as much like bookpimp as possible. Why should he have the only shitty beard in our department? Growing a shitty beard is not that hard and I am here to prove that.

Who watched the Robin Williams' special on HBO last night? We laughed our asses off. He was all over the place with his references. He was especially brutal when it came to the douche bag in the white house which made me happy. At our place watching the special: Super W, me, the one big loud guy, the dancer and Lenny and Jill. I don't have a strange nickname for those two yet. I can't call Lenny the Kid like Polecat does because he's been around longer than me. OK, he's older. Jill's training to become a massuese maybe I can call her 'hands.'

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on a short paper that isnt' really done yet. I haven't ever finished a paper. That is either because I am a perfectionist or lazy. You decide.

Listened to on the bus:  Suicide Invoice by the Hot Snakes

Read on duh bus:  the last part of Ball Four by Jim Bouton that has been sitting on my floor for a couple of weeks.

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