Wednesday, July 10, 2002

July 10, 2002

Last night we watched the all-star game. Sup W. went to see Road to Perdition and got back early enough to watch most of the game with us. Him say the movie is OK but it's hard to believe Tom Hanks in the role of a hitman. I was surprised. You'd think if he could play a fish fucker he could pull off a hitman. I'll have to check for myself.

I knew the Fox coverage of the game was going to be obnoxious but I had no idea they were going to go superbowl on me. I don't know why some events have gotten so sentimental after 9/11 but it seems to be the case to me. They supposedly were going to showcase baseball's greatest thirty moments which turned into about 5 great moments before TV, 5 before color and the 20 greatest moments of the last ten years. Major League Baseball licking its own ass on my television. Everything is now exciting and historical. It no longer can just be. I need to read more.

Listened to on the bus: Powerage by AC/DC (I was jamming like a MoFo).

Read on the bus: Freakin' homework.

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