Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Beard Status:  Not so much ugly as it is lame.

Growing a beard reminds me of how I tried to grow a moustache in high school. I didn't have a moustache in high school, I had a dust bunny stuck to my nose. Some people didn't even know I had a moustache. They probably thought my lip was cloaked.

Last night I had a glorious night's sleep. I stayed up too late on Sunday all because of Robin Williams. Nothing else. So last night I got back from class about nine or so. There is nothing comparable to plopping yourself down on your couch after a 13 hour day. I decided to enjoy my exhaustion. I watched a little bit of the Cubs' game. It was a rarity, a night game at beautiful Wrigley Field. Had a couple of beers, played a little guitar with Super W and after having to blink to keep my eyes open, crashed like a speed freak. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, my bed. Luxury.

Listened to on the bus:  Emergency and I by Dismemberment Plan.

Speaking of Dismemberment Plan, why don't you own any of their albums?

From the being an idiot at work files:  Ok, a guy comes up to the internet desk to, obviously, get on the internet. There is another fella with him and I don't have him sign up like we are supposed to. One of them gets on the internet and starts surfing while the other guy stands behind him. I forget the faces and I think the unsigned guy is surfing so I go over and do the usual spiel about only the someone who is signed up can use the internet. The internet user looks at me and says, "I did sign up." I realize he's right and slink off. God, I feel like a dipshit.

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