Thursday, June 27, 2002

Hey, I'm in Chicago. Actually, I'm in Downers Grove where a friend grew up. Small fucking world, eh?

We are leaving for the northside of Chicago soon to eat an unhealthy breakfast and go to a Cubs' game.

On the way up here I noticed the smog that sits over Charlotte seems to extend through Kentucky and into southern Indiana. The air actually cleared up as we approached Chicago. Figure that out.

North of Indianappolis we left the interstate. As we got within 120 miles of Chicago the interstate was just full of trucks filling up both lanes. We had had enough of dealing with those bastards so hit a state highway that paralelled the interstate. It's amazing you can actually see things once you get off the interstate. We enjoyed the drive so much that is the way we are going to go back tomorrow. Fuck the interstates.

It was in the upper 80's yesterday. I can't express how disappointed I was that it was just as hot in Chicagoland as it was in Charlotte. The air was cleaner and that counts for something, I reckon.

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